Daniel White

Admission Counselor

Undergraduate Recruitment & Admission

Paul Wiggins

Professional Science Tutor

Learning Commons

Erleigh Wiley

Adjunct Instructor Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice

Alyse Willett

Counselor and ADA Facilitator

College of Law

Tim Willette

Chief Compliance Officer

Office of Institutional Compliance

Michael Williams

Distinguished Leader in Residence

Office of the President

Monica Williams

Vice President University Advancement

University Advancement

James Williams

Adjunct Instructor Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice

Jennifer Wondracek

Director of Legal Educational Technology and Professor of Practice

College of Law

Khiandra Woods

Field Experience Coordinator

School of Education

David Wozniak

Adjunct Professor Business FINA

School of Business

Jason Wright

Adjunct Instructor

Sociology and Psychology

Patricia Wynn

Lecturer of Business Finance

School of Business

Ralph Yates

Lecturer Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice

Debra Yoder

Adjunct Instructor Psychology

Sociology & Psychology

Lea Young

Adjunct Instructor Languages & Communication

Languages & Communications

Muhammed Yousufuddin

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Life & Health Sciences

Danielle Zanzalari

Asst Prof Business Economics

School of Business

Berenice Zuniga

Coordinator of Involvement & Student Organizations

Student Affairs