Ernie Higginbotham

Mentorship Program Facilitator

College of Law

Lisa Hobson

Professor and Interim Dean

School of Education

Michael Hogan

Adjunct Instructor of Management

School of Business

Richard Holden

Professor Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice

Stephanie Holley

Vice President

Student Access and Success

Gary Holmes

Assoc Prof Business Marketing

School of Business

Sara Holmes

Program Coordinator and Lecturer

Communication and Technology

Jared Horn

Creative Manager

Marketing & Communications

Michelle Howard-Schwind

University Field Supervisor

School of Education

Mary Hoyt


Mathematics and Information Technology

Sean Hubbard

Lecturer of Political Science

Political Science

John Hubbard

Lecturer Business Management

School of Business

Michelle Hurdle

Transfer Admission Coordinator

Undergraduate Recruitment & Admission

William Ingram

Asst Prof Hospitality Management

School of Business

Panita Ingram

Adjunct Professor Business MGMT

School of Business

Mickea Jackson

Administrative Specialist

Police & Security