Ali Shaqlaih

Ali Shaqlaih Headshot

Dean of the Graduate School, Assoc Prof Math & Secondary Math Ed

Graduate School
Dal 1, 105G
  • High school Teaching Certification
  • Middle school Teaching Certification
  • Gifted Education Certification
  • Educational Supervision Certification
  • Teaching Undergraduate Mathematics Certification
  • Navigating Leadership Certification
  • Supervisory Building Blocks Certification
  1. Ph.D., University of Oklahoma
  2. M.Ed., University of Oklahoma
  3. M.A., University of Oklahoma
  4. M.S., An-Najah National University
  5. B.S., Birzeit University

Dr. Shaqlaih is Interim Dean of the Graduate School at the University of North Texas at Dallas. His Mathematics research is in Applied Mathematical Analysis and Mathematical Modeling. In Education, he is interested in teachers’ preparation, gifted education, Mathematics teaching & learning and  inquiry based learning. Dr. Shaqlaih has extensive experience in teaching and supervising all levels of Mathematics from middle school up to undergraduate. Before joining UNTD Department of Mathematics and Information Sciences in fall 2010, he taught mathematics and mathematics education courses at different colleges and schools. He also supervised gifted students and  pre-service/in-service mathematics teachers at different schools. During his career Dr. Shaqlaih was awarded several teaching and service awards including a service Award and a teaching Award at UNTD.